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Muscadine Season Has Ended

Muscadine season has officially ended for us - the muscadines have been harvested and we are closed to the public.

This season, we are supporting breast cancer awareness and our friends who have had breast cancer, or living with breast cancer.

November 1, 2014, starting at 8:30 am: “Blasting For Boobs” event at Shane’s Sporting Clays near Summerfield brings together folks who raise money to support breast cancer research. Lots of fun and a very worthwhile cause. Our other fall & holiday events are also listed.

Hope to see you soon.

Paul & Kristi Marshall

Reidsville, North Carolina

October 12, 2014


"Muscadines are naturally sweet and low in sodium too

~ just plain good for you!"

Our Farm Store is closed for the season. You may purchase our products at one of many local vendors in Rockingham and Guilford counties. We're a family owned & family farmed operation, and we like to keep our products local for family and friends to enjoy. Email us at: paul_marshall@triad.rr.com or call (336) 339-5230 if you need help finding our products in local stores.

Picture taken by Dee Shore, of NCSU, during innovative farmer interview


~ ~ 100% Muscadine Juice - Locally Grown ~ ~

Farmers' markets ~ great time to share the taste of our 100% naturally sweet muscadine juice. Muscadine juice is sweeter and not as heavy as other grape juice, all natural, no sugar added. And we sure like to hear your comments when tasting the juice for the first time, makes us smile ~ “I remember eating muscadines, and the smell and the flavor, at my grandparents”… “a very distinct, sweet and earthy muscadine taste”… “good tasting and good for me”.  

There are over a hundred varieties of muscadines, and we grow two varieties right here in Rockingham County. Our black 'Noble' muscadine makes our red juice, and our Carlos ‘bronze’ muscadine is an improved scuppernong variety. The scuppernong was the first grape to be cultivated in the United States, and comes from the oldest vine in the nation, the 400-year-old Mother Vine growing on Roanoke Island. Scuppernong was also made the state fruit in 2001.

The muscadine skin is usually too thick to eat, and some people spit it out along with the seeds. But this is optional!  Great taste, heart-healthy, with over seven times the concentration of resveratrol than other bunch grapes. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that may fight cancer and prevent heart disease, and a one cup serving of muscadines can double your daily intake of antioxidants.

We're working hard to make sure this year's muscadines are the best yet. And you know we have preserved last year's harvest into sweet juice for enjoying now. Of course there are lots of muscadine vineyards in North Carolina, we're sure they all have good juice, but if you are from around here, come spend the day with us!