We appreciate everyone who has visited with us this season, picking muscadines with your families. We're glad the weather has cooperated too.

Our weekend schedule for U-Pick muscadines is:

Saturday & Sunday, 8am-12noon through mid-October

We do have pears and muscadine juice for sale at our farm stand. Pears and muscadines are naturally grown!

U-Pick Muscadines - $1.00 per pound

Pears - $1.49 per pound

Carlos/bronze muscadines are ripe now

Noble and Nesbitt/black muscadines are ripening, and will be even sweeter later in the month

Asian pears (Korean Giant variety, golden, crisp, sweet) Heirloom pumpkins available later in September (ask if you don't see them)

Come out and enjoy sunshine in the vines.

We hope to see you soon!

Paul & Kristi Marshall
Reidsville, North Carolina

September 21, 2017

Family Farming

All in the family


We are fifth generation tobacco farmers who farmed alongside our grandparents for many years. We are now growing several varieties of muscadines,pears and apples on our family's farm. All naturally grown, with lots of antioxidants and fiber too! Muscadines actually have more than 7 times the concentration of the powerful antioxidant resveratrol as other grapes.  And just one cup of muscadines can double your daily intake of antioxidants.

Our farm is open weekends in September and October from 8 am - 12 noon. Pick-your-own muscadines or buy muscadines, pears and apples from our farm stand.

We also process our crop into great-tasting products including muscadine juice, jellies, pear relish, and pear preserves.

Muscadines and pears are naturally sweet and low in sodium too ~ just plain good for you!


You can reach us at (336) 339-5230 or send an email to:  paul@riverbirchvineyards.com if you need help locating our farm products.

Riverbirch Vineyards & Farm

Growing Muscadines and Pears in Rockingham County